VIVAZ Clay Targets | Logistic
Spanish manufacturer of Clay Targets of high quality and ecological materials.
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 Total PalletsTotal Clays
Regular27 pallets222.750 uds.
Eco-Star27 pallets222.750 uds.
Natura27 pallets213.840 uds.
Container 20´
 Total PalletsTotal Clays
RegularNo pallets197.250 uds.
Eco-StarNo pallets197.250 uds.
NaturaNo pallets151.800 uds.
Container 40´
 Total PalletsTotal Clays
Regular24 Special pallet234.000 uds.
27 European pallet222.750 uds.
Eco-Star24 Special pallet234.000 uds.
27 European pallet222.750 uds.
Natura24 Special pallet216.000 uds.
27 European pallet210.600 uds.

*Partial shipments allowed.

* Maximum quantities might change depending on the maximum allowed weight in each country.